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Lost and Found Zimbabwe is a mobile application to assist the general public locate lost items which include passports, ID cards, driver’s licence, cellphones, laptops etc. This is a mobile application where the owner of a lost item and a finder can link up in a similar way to whatsapp and handover the lost item within minutes of having lost the item.

When someone finds an item, they will fill in the details of that item onto the app and it is stored in the database. Likewise if someone loses an item they report the item using the app by filling in a relevant form. If a match is found, both the owner and the finder of the item receive a notification and a platform is opened where they can communicate directly in real time with each other.


One logs in here using their phone number. The system currently only accepts Zimbabwean phone numbers that are capable of receiving SMSs. The phone number entered should be the same as the one for the SIM card in the device. After entering your phone number, you LOGIN OR REGISTER to proceed.

After a successful login, you are taken to the home page where all the reported cases appear. There is a floating action button at the bottom right hand of the screen to report new cases. When the button is pressed, two smaller floating buttons appear, one to report a lost item and another to report a found item. Each card when pressed will lead you to another screen where further actions can be taken pertaining that case.

This is where you report a lost or a found item by selecting the kind of item you wish to report. After selecting you simply fill in the form and submit. When an item that matches the report is found in the database, both the owner and the finder of the item will receive a push notification.

A user is directed here after pressing a card on the home screen. One can delete the report or open the chat interface if a match for the item has been found.

When your match is found you the owner or the finder are taken to a chat platform where you can communicate directly. You type your message in the text field at the bottom of the screen and press the yellow button to send.

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